Manila to Doha to Berlin

Finally 2 days off.. back from Berlin 2 hours ago, it was rainy and freezing, skipped the city but walked around nearby.. it was actually fun because the crew were all nice.. Anyway, Manila.. had so much fun with my family and friends. Who needs sleep?? hehe

Ocean Park with  my big baby!

Went to Manila Ocean Park with my family, Lunch at Makansutra, umm, not so nice e or hnd ko lang masyado bet ung food. Pwede na though. Then enjoyed the place!

… Went back to the hotel for a while then had dinner at Robinson’s Manila. Friends nman came at around 10pm and stayed the night..

my best buddies ever!

and finally to Berlin.. gosh! NON STOP!

Great dinner after work!!

Btw, Im afraid that  the feelings’ getting old.. its like, its there for sometime and then it gets weak overtime.. I need some connection!!! And when I say connection, I mean fast connection! BROADBAND!!! hehe..

Good day everyone!

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