Rainy days in Dubai

ang kulimlim ng summer

Its been raining here for like 3days, well ako 2 days lang.. haha! I woke up earlier dahil sa kulog. It was 5am I think. Thank you Lord nakatulog nko ng maayos. 9pm pa lang I was in bed na. Yesterday din at around 4pm natuloy na rin ako mggrocery. I tried lumabas ng bahay at wow may buhay pla sa labas.. hahaha!!

Ruy & Dennis (Brazilian guys from EK din, from bldg28) arrived sa flat around 3:30 then we took off by 4. We had dinner na rin, Thai food. sarap.. basta maanghang masarap .

Dennis, Ruy my flatmate Maggie & me with my fucked up eyes. hahaha!

It was around 11pm tulog nako, Maggie woke me up, she was asking me if gusto ko ulit sumama sa Shu, tambayan-like slash resto. But yea i took advantage of my sleeping mood last nite. dna ko sumama, the catch is.. ang Maggie still out 12:19 na ng tanghali ah.. lolAnyway, earlier that day, nagkasabay sabay kme magonline nila Ish na nsa Manila at ni Les na nsa Italy. wow! Super pinasaya nila ko..laughtrip n nman.. I miss them na.


Well today, Natalya & I are going to church myang 4pm. Then we’ll go to Ikea, i think. 🙂 Good day people. 🙂
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