Floating happy

 Hmm.. been very happy for the past weeks. Well btw Hayden is 10mos old. big boy naa! He started walking na kht not sa walker, i think nga he’s too big na for his walker, minsan tumatalon n yta, then i wonder nlng.. “anak, pano k nkalabas jan..?” lol actually, but you knw little steps.. Im so proud.. Btw, were planning to visit nanay (Les’ mom) next weekend to check on my fave inaanak na rin na si Gab.. sana matuloy, sinabi ko na kay Dona.. Iil txt nanay nlng sa Friday.. Anyways, so here are some pics ni Hayden..

So far ok nman lhat.. Im happy. tho mejo we had a tampururutan ni mama..lol Pero ok n rin.. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.. I had a super great time last weeknd too with Ryan.. Watched a stupid movie, sabi nga nya..haha then videoke. I remember un song ng Imago (Sundo) that he sang, tho may short term memory loss ka Ga, love pa rin kita lol miss u

piyesa ni ga.. lol


— Ga went home a bit late tonight, he wasnt able to txt me for hrs as usual im worried like stoned.. haha but then I think he can read my mind na rn pag wala pkong txt.. lol So yea wen he called ayon, haha..Im not mad nmn hello, ako un taong ngagalit once a year lng yta..haha! bsta nkausap ko na bawi na yon..lol

…So what I really wanted to share is that the feeling is weirding me out ng konti..lol bago e. its a bit nkakapraning, i mean not exactly.. pero yea the feeling before nppraning..something like that.. haha sounds crazy hehe When was the last time that I was in a real relationship.. so its been a lifetime.. parang ngaun lng in a relationship status ko sa fs.. bwahahaha.. apir pare..

… Funny no, super bago plng..but i will take care of it whatever happens..sana nga tlga uhmm… bsta.

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